Champaign-Urbana Business and Engineering Consulting (CUBE) is a non-profit consulting organization with a talented group of students who work together on meaningful projects for local businesses. We are committed to Growth, Impact, Leadership, and Diversity.


What kind of projects do we work on?

Our projects range from exploring business expansion opportunities for local businesses to optimizing processes to create a more effective MRI analysis for companies in Research Park. If you have a project, we can help.

Who is involved in a CUBE project?

Our project team consists of one project manager and 4-5 consultants. To ensure the best possible deliverables, a quality assurance manager also oversees all projects. Finally we strive to strengthen our client relationship by closely involving them in the work we do.

Who has been a client of CUBE?

Clients are typically from the Champaign-Urbana area, and include all types of businesses, from start-ups to local restaurants. [please see our For Businesses tab for more information]

How long are our projects?

We try to extend our projects over the course of a single UIUC semester to maximize our consultants’ potential.

How many projects are completed per year?

To ensure we maintain proper quality and detailed analysis on all our projects, we typically complete 8-10 projects a year.

Who runs CUBE Consulting?

Because CUBE aims to develop leadership, individuality, and responsibility in our members through real-world business experience, CUBE is a completely student-run consulting organization. We recruit our own members, find our own clients, and scope our own projects.

How can I get involved with CUBE?

For Consultants, please see our For Students tab for application information.
For Clients, please see our For Businesses tab for more information.
For Mentors who are interested in helping our members develop by sharing your experiences, please email for more information.
For Business or Student Groups interested in partnering with us, please email to learn more.